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Star Kate Winslet and the Director of ‘Little Chaos’ spoke after the premiere of the movie

Kate Winslet says she would not have been able to star in her latest film had she not managed to overcome her fear of Alan Rickman. The Oscar-winning actress attended the premiere of A Little Chaos at the Odeon Kensington in London where she talked to Press Association.

Here’s a clip behind the scenes of the Lancôme ad campaign, which features Kate.

Kate attended ‘A Little Chaos’ London Premiere last night, April 13th. I’ve added some photos to the gallery.

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A not so good review of A little Chaos, praising Kate’s performance.

Alan Rickman returns to the director’s chair for aless than thrilling romance between two French gardeners, says Andy Lea. 2 stars out of 5

IT’S nearly 20 years since Alan Rickman directed a feature film. So you’d think it would take a real humdinger of a script to get the Harry Potter star back in the big chair. You probably didn’t think it would be a gardening-based romance set in the high-octane world of rockery construction.

Then again, this isn’t just a rockery… it’s also a water feature. And this is no run-of-the-mill garden…these are the carefully manicured lawns of Louis XIV (Rickman).

It’s 1682 and the big-wigged French king is looking for a spot to hold a dance in the grounds of his garish palace at Versailles.

But head gardener André Le Notre (Matthias Schoenaerts) is a busy man. So the green-fingered chancer risks it all by farming the job out to Kate Winslet’s feisty Sabine de Barra.

Winslet shows her years of costume drama experience by expertly firing longing looks at the dreamy head gardener.

But will André escape the jealous clutches of his estranged wife? How will Sabine’s frock go down in court? And will the rockery be completed on time?

The film is nicely shot, Rickman can still arch an eyebrow and the costumes and furniture are all very nice to look at. But thrill-seekers may want to look elsewhere.